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  • adil imran

    March 15, 2021 at 7:29 pm

    My GPA is 2.82 but i have 2 papers 1 is IEEE Impact Factor Journal and the other is IEEE Conference, will i be able to get admission in EE&IT program in universities like hochshule Darmstad or Frankfurt University of applied sciences?

  • Tayyab

    March 15, 2021 at 9:44 pm

    Every university has different requirements including grades and ECTS earned in special subject areas.

    So, it would be wrong to say you have a chance or not. If you meet the requirements and have a research paper, its a good sign.

    Keep in mind that its not only the grades that would get you admission as the universities take a holistic approach to grant or deny admission to a student.

    Each program has a different focus despite the name and your previous studies must be compitable with it.

    I can suggest you to work hard on your application and mention your research paper in the motivational letter and CV. Make you are doing the right way. If you undertood and meet the requirements then you have a greater chance. It totally depends on you how to make yourself standout.

    Some universities have admission restriction (limited seats) while others have open admission (no limit of seats) [there is more to both types…]. With open admissions its not difficult, you just have meet all the requirement criterian. I recommend to keep reading articles on Leazear website and there will be more and more content shared related to these topics and start your admission process. Your grades can be accepted in some universities.

    I am gonna explain in few steps, at the end you can find the link to the requirements page.

    1. First of all read this article: https://leazear.com/requirements-for-masters-admission-in-germany/. Also, read motivational letter article as well to be able to relate to your research paper.
    2. For grades I am gonna update here a link for an article tomorrow as the article will complete by then.
    3. Hochschule Darmstadt Electrical Engineering
      Here are some of the requirements of Hochschule Darmstadt that I translated using an online translator and I don’t see any grades requirements but if you meet the below criteria and make it to the top of the list then you have a higher chance:

      1) The minimum requirement for admission is a relevant and qualified completed bachelor’s degree program
      according to § 2 and the following criteria
      a) 6 semesters of a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or an equivalent degree suitable for the subject matter
      b) with 180 CP according to ECTS or comparable learning effort.

      (2) For the recognition of the degree according to para. 1, one of the following conditions must be fulfilled in principle:
      (a) recognition in accordance with the assessment proposals of the Central Office for Foreign Education (e.g. Anabin database)
      b) Partnership agreement with the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

      (3) In individual cases, the evaluation according to paragraph 2 may be deviated from. In these cases, the following is required for recognition a positive professional examination of the course of study according to § 2 by the admission committee of the department is possible.

      (4) Furthermore, the relevant recommendations of the HRK regarding state-specific regulations (e.g. APS procedure) are taken into account.

      § 2 General admission requirements

      (1) Applicants must prove with their application documents that they are particularly qualified for the Master’s program.

      (2) The evaluation shall determine the professional suitability of the applicant, in particular on the basis of
      a) suitable electrical engineering knowledge and
      b) suitable mathematical knowledge and
      c) suitable information technology knowledge
      which are specified by the module handbook of the study program and which are verified by
      (d) transcript of grades (TOR) and awards, if applicable; or
      (e) relevant professional experience; or
      (f) relevant training is demonstrated.

      (3) Admission requires sufficient English proficiency as evidenced by a certificate. The certificates and proficiency levels valid for admission are published on the website of the study program published.

      (4) The evaluation is documented in an evaluation sheet (see appendix).

    I could not find EEIT of HS Frakfurt. Please always put the links, so it’s easy to find the details of the program quickly.

    For Hochschule Darmstadt complete requirements can be found here: https://h-da.de/fileadmin/h_da/Hochschule/Presse_Publikationen/Hochschulanzeiger/2018/ElectricalEngineering_international_MSc_Zulassungsordnung_2018-05-08.pdf

  • adil imran

    March 16, 2021 at 4:32 am

    Is there any particular university that give preference to research work ?

    • Tayyab

      March 16, 2021 at 3:00 pm

      Generally speaking, all consider it a good sign that you are capable. University (Universtität) are mostly research-oriented as compare to universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) or higher education institutes (Hochschule) which are more practice-oriented. Check for Types of German universities on Leazear website (article coming soon).

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