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  • Admission application test for foreign students in CGL Cologne

  • Irtaza

    March 21, 2021 at 9:07 am

    Hi, how are you doing?

    I m Irtaza from Pakistan I want to apply for a master in CGL but I am a bit confused .

    I want to ask about uni-assist if I submit the documents I have available right now like I don’t have any of my degrees yet ..my transcript is still in progress. So all the documents mentioned I don’t have all of them at the moment how would I apply?

    And If I Apply to Uniassist then should I apply to the Uni website too?

    Given that I came to know the last submission for this batch is 31 march….at least can u explain to me step by step process I need to do to apply for uni-assist.


    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Tayyab

    March 22, 2021 at 1:34 pm

    I don’t know what CGL is but a short response to the rest of the question.

    1. Degree Incomplete Answer:

    You can apply with a provisional degree if you would be able to submit your original degree at the enrollment for the intake you are applying for. As far as I understood, you are applying for winter 2021 and you should be able to submit your original degree by then. As the enrollment is online during the Covid-19 period, please confirm this with your university you are applying to.

    2. Transcript Incomplete Answer:

    The same goes for your transcript. You should be able to submit the attested copy of your transcript. Check the program’s ECTS requirements and compare them with your credit hours earned.
    For ECTS conversion, you can search in the forum, I have already answered a question on that.

    3. Uni-assist and direct apply both? Answer:

    Generally, you don’t need to, you have the how-to apply section of the program you want to apply to.

    For uni-assist applications, check the step-by-step guide here: https://leazear.com/blog-study-in-germany-guide/

    P.S. Kindly correct your sentence structure, grammar and remove unnecessary words so other students can also get help from your questions. Otherwise unfortunately I have to mark your question negative which I have not done yet. For your information, it’s an official community forum we want to build and not another social media group. The title is not helping any students, what does a foreign student mean with respect to your question. The right title would be: Applying to uni-assist with incomplete documents or another title could be How to apply via uni-assist with incomplete documents. I hope this helps and you don’t mind or honest and straightforward way of helping.

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  • Irtaza

    March 22, 2021 at 7:23 pm

    i am really sorry for not using a proper structure . it won’t happen next time and i can’t edit my post as there is no option to do so. sorry i am really new here.

    Apart from that thanks but i have few confusions as stated below:

    1)As my uni is government so it may take months to get that but my transcript may arrive before i apply i may submit it but u mentioned something about attestation , where can i get that attested i mean what kind of attestation .

    2) how many documents are needed to be attested and by attesting u mean on orignal docs or the copies?

    3)i still didn’t get your uni-assist part answer, let me explain u. basically CGL is a uni in cologne that requires uni assist for foreign students so they give certain task to be performed and docs submit on their website but when i go to uni- assist from there u can also add docs and application form(here i m confused that if i m submitting through uni-assist how am i supposed to submit the application form there if i am submiting at uni-assist first)

    4)CGL has certain task i need to complete so should i submit all that in application form slot in uni-assist?

    5) if u say on both , hear me out if CGL next semester or application process starts in september so at what time should i submit my docs to uni-assist and how much time will it take as CGL application deadline is only for a month.

    Anyways thanks for replying and trying to help in advance again.

    • Tayyab

      March 22, 2021 at 8:20 pm

      1. Here is how you can edit post >> https://community.leazear.com/forums/discussion/how-to-edit-a-post/ I would request you please edit your main and the reply and use proper grammar in your sentences. Also, when you ask this kind of questions please mention the program you want to apply to, the proper university name and the link, which makes it easier for the community to find answers quickly. P.S. We don’t encourage students to ask questions that would not help other students. We want to develop a professional community culture here.

      Coming to your to the rest of your questions.

      2. For attestation please make a separate question with a proper format and mention your university required documents in the body of the post.

      3 and 4: I just checked the website and in my understanding, you need to upload the application tasks (test) and all other requirements on the university portal here: https://application.colognegamelab.de/madg/. I don’t see that colognegamelab requires uni-assist as the university is not listed on the uni-assist website neither the colognegamelab has mentioned if they accept applications through uni-assist. It seems like you have some confusion. You should confirm from the international office of your prospective university i.e. CGL Cologne or coordinator of the study program.
      For your information, not every university accepts applications through uni-assist. I don’t see CGL in the uni-assist list. Check the list here: https://www.uni-assist.de/en/tools/uni-assist-universities/#tablink-37465a393615112c5180111261
      Generally, you have to upload the documents at the uni-assist. Some universities are special cases like this one.

      5. The deadline mentioned on the university website is 31 March. You have to submit all required documents before the deadline mentioned on the website of the study program.

      Usually, f
      or each semester there is a deadline for EU and non-EU students. Since you are a non-EU student check accordingly.

      I hope I clarified all of the above.

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